STEM Gifts/Kits


STEM-Senior (Age10-16) 9 Toys

 2,499.00  1,999.00

Program Details 

  • Access to 12 hours of content in the Learning Management System
    STEM Kit to build 9 science projects with STEM Kit which will be delivered to your doorsteps
  •  Course discussions through 1 Live session or upgrade it to a course of 10 days
  •  Assignments and assessments through LMS
  •  Certificate of Completion
  •  3 STEM Kits and 9 STEM Projets to build

1.100 Decibels – Science of Sound waves

STEM Projects:
Air horn whistles
Ambulance Whistle
Ghost balloon
Design a Shehnai

2.Magic vision – Science of motion pictures
STEM Projects:
Build a Zoetrope
Magic Scope
Magic Wheel
3.Astro Rangers – Know your Stars
STEM Projects:
Build a planisphere
Longitudinal Sundial
Constellation coordinates