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ScienceUtsav (meaning Festival of Science), with Ten years of experience, is a pioneer in promoting and creating an interactive STEM ecosystem in Schools and Learning Spaces. The knowledge we have gained over the last decade has helped us achieve our vision of honing children’s innovative skills and turning their imagination into reality. STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEAM inserts Arts into the acronym.

MakerScientist is an online STEAM wing of ScienceUtsav striving to make STEAM a household approach to learn Science and Technology. Maker Scientist has curated STE(A)M curriculum for grades 1 to 9, which includes STEAM based Design Thinking,  Coding,  Robotics & Home Automation & Be a young entrepreneur program. Maker Scientist aims to help the young minds think beyond the ordinary with these unique programs which help them grow and learn by practical approach.


Design Thinking makes children Street Smart

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STEM = Science + Technology + Engineering + Maths​​


Science helps children acquire the knowledge of nature around us through keen observation, research experimentation, and prototyping making them inquisitive.


Design thinking develops a creative mind to solve day to day engineering problems with a sense of its application in real life.


Technology is application of Science. STEM builds a complete mindset to learn and apply science and maths to life larger than we think.  

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“Thank you ScienceUtsav team for helping me learn Design Thinking in I am a Maker program where I built lots of toys and STEM projects.



“Thank you for being innovative and wonderful tutors. With your guidance and inspiration I learnt the art of discovering and exploring science. Its an wonderful experience.

Thaman Sridhar