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MakerScientist is an online STEAM wing of ScienceUtsav striving to make STEAM a household approach to learn Science and Technology. Maker Scientist has curated STE(A)M curriculum for grades 1 to 9, which includes STEAM based Design Thinking, Coding, Robotics & Home Automation & Be a young entrepreneur program. Maker Scientist aims to help the young minds think beyond the ordinary with these unique programs which help them grow and learn by practical approach.

Best videos of the week

Watch to learn about STEM projects done by our STEM champs

Secret box by Mahika 

Trebuchet by Ahaan

Multiscope by Rishit

Electromagnet by Arnav

Lantern by Abhinav

Power Boat by Abdija

Magic frame by Hardik

E-Candle by Jayavardhan

USB Lamp by Manasvi

Rocket Launcher by Pranshi

What Technology Looks like from our Techie Geeks

Misha’s Python Project

Shaurya’s Bubble Shooter

Drihan’s Football game

Scratch by Vashishta

App Development by Sohan 

Learn from our STEM instructors

Effervescence by Nivedhitha

Surface Tension by Utthara

Electromagnetism by Devaanshi

Electricity by Shweta

Be a Spy with Rama