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What we're all about

Maker Scientist is an online platform for curriculum-based STEM programs and Technology courses. We at Maker Scientist promote STEM education with a vision to make children self-reliant and future-ready through 21st-century skill-based programs. STEM is a curriculum based on the idea of educating students in four specific disciplines — science, technology, engineering, and mathematics — in an interdisciplinary and applied approach. Maker Scientist is backed by team ScienceUtsav which has been empowering children since 2010 in schools and Maker spaces across India.

Learn Something Every Day

Every child is unique and has an amazing ability to make the world around them beautiful. Let’s empower the new generation by giving them wings to fly. 

-Shashank Karnam


STEM is a mindset, not a methodology to learn. STEM makes children design thinkers and problem solvers. 

-Harsha Atri


"ScienceUtsav – Our Reliable STEM Educators"

ScienceUtsav has reputed and most trusted STEM educators who have already enriched thousands of minds to become innovators and inventors by bringing interest in experiential and project-based learning.  STEM education makes children work on multiple domains from Coding to Augmented Reality to Robotics to Engineering design and IoT. We are a team not only with passion towards educating but also intention towards the transformation of education. We have STEM learning solutions available from grades 1 to 10 which help young minds explore the association of science and technology around them through practical education.   Ultimately the children are equipped with the most required skills – Problem-solving Skills, Critical/Logical reasoning, Creative design thinking, Communication, and Collaboration which part the real requirement of present education.  

Who we are-Our Vision

ScienceUtsav with its active Franchise network has solutions for setting up maker spaces and curriculum-based STEM courses for kids of grade 1 to Grade 8. 
ScienceUtsav sets up Tinkering labs with Robotics and Modern Science/STEM Labs.

MakerScientist from Team ScienceUtsav has been progressively engaging students all across India through yearlong programs, Vacation camps and Science festivals ​

MakerScientist is a Online wing of ScienceUtsav. Students also can visit our Maker Spaces to learn STEM, Coding, Robotics and Be a young entrepreneur programs at their time and place convenience. ​