STEM Instructors

Our STEM Instructors

Teachers with vision

MakerScientist is envisioned to introduce the basic concepts of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics at the school level. Our aim is to spike students’ interest in Science and Technology. We believe that STEM installs confidence and makes learning more practical, fun-loving, and easy to understand for students. STEM gives children proactive experience with the design thinking attitude which makes them the real problem solver.

STEM Advisor

Shashank Karnam

Shashank is principal STEM content designer who has a vision to make every child STEM powered. He as strong engineering background which makes him a perfect STEM advisor. He has all energy to make Science Awesome for everyone.

STEM Advisor

Harsha Atri

Harsha a visionary and Great Team player who keeps all the team members glued to the vision with the system and process. Harsha has more than 10 years of Software Engineering experience

Lead STEM Instructor

Adil Sheik

Adil is a passionate Teacher and Science promoter who who loves to make Science a fun experience everyone including students of KG to PG and age 6 to 60 years old. He has worked as a Science promoter with Nehru Science center in the past. 

STEM Curator

Rajesh R

Rajesh completes the team with his amazing Kinesthetic skills which gives every STEM project a new look and vision. 

Execution Manager

Vibha Amit

Vibha is the person to contact if you want a STEM batch of your choice. Vibha helps the team with  execution/operations manager who ensures an error a free coordination for every program.

STEM Promoter

Ashish Jhanji

Marketing makes it all. Ashish has a great creative mindset which helps it make STEM reach everyone with his  social media marketing plans.  

STEM Instructor


STEM Instructor


STEM Instructor


STEM Instructor


STEM Instructor


STEM Instructor


STEM Instructor


STEM Instructor


STEM Instructor


STEM Instructor



"Teaching with MakerScientist makes me feel like an edu-warrior"
Lead STEM instructor​