Science from home – Age 6-8

Science from home – Age 6-8

Right from their playtime to their study time, you’re on a run to cater to their needs. As a parent we play a pivotal role in them growing up, and might we focus on – only the BEST program for their bright future.

So why not make a smarter move today and choose learning that’s also playing? With Science from home, you enroll for the program that has a curriculum that perfectly blends academics and extracurricular activities. Give your child an edge with a foundation that’s strong and ready to be built on further.

Science from home is a mindfully chalked-out Learning Program tailor-made for primary students, from ages 6 to 8. The program encourages early foundational learning with minimal screen time, ranging from subjects like Science & EVS.

The program consists of a mix of interactive pre-recorded videos and live classes which is sure to make your child learn lots of new concepts!

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