Budding Techie YolaIndia (age : 6-8)


You are introduced to the world of programming through the simple drag and drop MIT Scratch coding interface! You learn to code using MIT Scratch, a visual programming tool from MIT that makes it incredibly easy and fun for young students to learn to code. Time to use your creativity to build projects, animate characters and create games and bring the characters to life!

Why should kids learn to code? Is coding is only for Math Lovers? Too much screen time?

• Writing code is a healthy exercise for the mind and it is easier and interactive for them to learn to code
• Kids have an adaptive and learning attitude, they’re capable of making and playing games made by themselves.

In this course, you build logical foundations of programming, which will be useful in the long run regardless of which coding language you pursue in the future. This course teaches logic, sequencing, structure, algorithmic thinking, and creative expression using our time-tested format of 5E’s methodology!

Along with scratch, you will also be introduced to Tynker.

Tynker is a complete learning system for kids to learn to code. Tynker has something to offer students of all grades and experience levels. Young students gain experience in logical and sequential thinking, while middle-grade students work on breaking down tasks into small steps, visually sequencing code, and learning through drag-and-drop block coding, including learning commands, commenting, loops, variables, expressions, input/output, conditional logic, and game design.

The interactive learning modules, mini-games, coding projects, puzzles of Scratch and Tynker make the kids fall in love with coding.

With our multi-platform learning idea, kids begin to learn how to transition from Scratch to Tynker so that they are ready in the future to transition to a programming language like Python or Java, etc.

Build numerous animations and fun stories to become a creative wizard! Build fully functional games and animation by completing this course!

By making the applications and animations, we learn the real use of coding, that is, programming.

What is the difference between programming and coding? - EngineersHub


  • Programming fundamentals- You will learn how to develop an algorithm, then progress to reading code and understanding how programming concepts relate to algorithms.
  • Commands, Sequence & Loops- You will learn in what sequence a computer reads the program script and how we can eliminate our task or rewriting the same code over and over.
  • Conditional statements and Timers- You will learn how the computer can take decisions on its own.
  • Animations & Costume Design- You will be able to create animations and costumes design.