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Young Entrepreneur – Making People Successful in a Changing World

This entrepreneurship program has been developed to help young participants to understand and prepare for entrepreneurship. We believe entrepreneurship preparation and business preparation are closely linked. Entrepreneurs need business skills to succeed and businesses need entrepreneurial skills to grow and succeed. We believe it is better to start cultivating the same at an early age!

Through story-based learning, students will learn how to survive as an entrepreneur. The skills like designing, website building, social media marketing, and creating good content are of prime importance for an entrepreneur to succeed!

Our entrepreneurship programs teach students the 21st-century skills they’ll need to succeed in the world’s changing economy. Our entrepreneurship programs allow kids to explore entrepreneurship, business concepts, and ideas and learn important skills through a collection of interactive lessons. The programs and activities have been developed by successful entrepreneurs coupled with the expertise of K-12 educational professionals.

This course is designed to mentor, support, and equip today’s children with the necessary success skills to set them on the path of becoming our future entrepreneurs. This course teaches kids what it takes to succeed in our global new age economy, equips them with the success skills they need, and sets them in the right direction for understanding entrepreneurship at a young age.

We believe in the potential of kids and the need to inspire entrepreneurship at an early age. Given the right influences, kids can become entrepreneurs.

We give you lots of tools and encouragement, which are important parts of a good learning environment.

Enjoy the program, invest some time in yourself, and see what great things you can do!

There’s a question that haunts every would-be entrepreneur – and many actual entrepreneurs – every day: “How do I know if I have what it takes?” Yes, the Internet is full of ideas, tips, tricks, and motivation. But this course will help your child take concrete steps

1. How the internet works – fun with submarine cables
2. Animations – Why we need animation on a website
3. Website – How a website works and exploring some developer tools
4. Media – What are media elements i.e. Audio, Video, Images. Adding these elements to your web page.

Hands-on Python

Why do we need to learn Coding? Why coding has come to the frontline in today’s market? We will learn a lot about the tricks involved in coding along with its importance in the contemporary world! Learn all about coding stuff with personalized and experienced instructors by sitting at your home !!!

Just to name a few of its most common uses, Python is used in Data Mining, Data Science, AI, Machine Learning, Web Development, Web Frameworks, Embedded Systems, Graphic Design applications, Gaming, Network development, Product development, Rapid Application Development, Testing, Automation Scripting, the list goes on.

Python is used as an easier and more efficiently-written alternative to languages that perform similar functionalities like C, R, and Java. Therefore Python is growing in popularity as the primary language for many applications.


1. Desktop hacks: How to do time taking tasks with much less effort? Learn about the amazing street smart desktop hacks with this simple activity!
2. Password generator: Stuck at generating STRONG passwords for your social media! Here are we with a simple activity that will generate passwords for you at a click!
3. WebPage Backend: Want to know the source code behind popular browsers like Google! This activity will actually let you hack your favorite website’s code!

Be ready for such amazing activities which will actually inherit critical thinking and problem-solving!!! Coding will teach the children the art of “HOW TO THINK”