I am a Maker- Be a Spy


I am a Maker – Be a Spy

Why do we need to look at the world with the eyes of an explorer? How does research based attitude help us learn and understand more? Learn all about this using some activities from materials available at home!

Learn more about the inner workings of a real life Spy with the help of science!
Explore some DIY activities with us that helps you understand some concepts like Forensic Science, Material Science, Tyndall Effect, Refraction of light and Oxidation in the most fun way you can imagine!


1. Finger-Print Analysis – Why do we have fingerprints? Learn how we can analyze finger prints

2. Secret writing – A magic trick to inculcate research attitude among children and to understand Oxidation

3. Inverted Arrows – Experience refraction of light with your own eyes and witness something most people would consider magic!

4. Ziplock Puncture – Learn to observe your surroundings and understand some materials around you with the help of Material Science!

5. Blue Sky-  Learn why the colour of sky is blue in the simplest and the most effective way possible using this DIY activity to understand Tyndall Effect.