I am a Maker- Electrochemistry

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Why do we need to look at the world with the eyes of an explorer? How does research based attitude help us learn and understand more? Learn all about this using some activities from materials available at home!

Have you ever taken apart things from your favourite toy or some everyday devices just out of curiousity to know what is in it? Explore Electricity and Circuits and beyond with some interesting Electrochemistry and understand how electricity works!

Explore some DIY activities with us that helps you understand some concepts like Sources of Energy (electricity), Flow of electricity, Basic Circuits, Types of Circuits and Hydrolysis of Water in the most fun way you can imagine!


1. Simple Simulation– Learn how to build and tinker your own circuit by building a simulated circuit

2. Testing Testing – Understand the materials surrounding you and know about Conductors and Insulators

3. Water-Splitter – Build and Experience a DIY Water Splitter and understand Hydrolysis of water due to electricity