I am a Maker – Fun with Science


Why do we need to look at the world with the eyes of an explorer? How does research based attitude help us learn and understand more? Learn all about this using some activities from materials available at home!

Experience Science which is almost magical! Learn about Sound, Bubbles and understand effects of Air on Sound.
Explore some DIY activities with us that helps you understand some concepts like Surface Tension, Effect of Air on Sound, Aerodynamic Lift and Basic Understaning of Measurement of Sound in the most fun way you can imagine!


1. Bouncing Bubbles– Learn how Surface Tension affects a bubble and watch it bounce on your hands!

2. Science of Flying – Understand Air Resistance (drag) and learn how a plane flies!

3. Homemade Harmonica – Build and Experience a DIY Harmonica made out of materials available from home!

4. Straw Whistle – Learn how Air affects Sound and how you can control it to produce playful sounds on your own!

And much more fun and extra ideas for you to explore..